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Screaming at nothing
They say the good looking ones are
always the crazy ones.
The most likely to stand, feet apart,
arms raised in manic salute,
naked and shouting at a discarded shoelace.
Creativity stems from madness, and madness from me.
Not connecting to the world or people in the right way:
Feel disjointed and need to be alone?
To be occupied in a place where emotions are not at stake.
Need to be,
but am not being.
Am avoiding,
Screaming at nothing,
but at everything.
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It seems like I have been running from my life, my stresses: phantoms
which are functions of my anxiety.
The track stretches upwards before me
Like an ignorant man’s metaphor:
soft, gravelly: a poor foundation
upon which to base my struggles
I reach upwards
striding harder towards the fading light
a hue of grey and blue, pinkish red
falling just out of reach
Green dots race along the outer edges of my vision,
I dash forcefully, inexorably
towards some hidden promise.
I reach the summit, the last light plays,
soft pink, over the lakes water below
I will return, hoping to catch it tomorrow:
Running, again, from my struggles,
hoping to gain a respite from the interminable.
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Words cannot express
the boundless energy which permeates me
and forms contentment .
Momentary lapses:
adoration, love, palpable
desire to, to coincide with –
Memories: sweet, minute, misdirected,
misunderstood fragments.
My hearts fills as a glassy lake:
its surface remains unbroken.
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A dark star swallows...
A moment in time waits.
A heart beats and a mind races.
Warmth escapes into the frigid night.
A universe is born in a moment,
but true love takes much longer to create.
An action stronger than a word spoken
can the heart's true feelings obliterate.
A bright star glows fiercely.
A moment cannot wait.
A heart destroyed and in disgrace.
Cold seeps into the mind in fright.
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What is that nonsense?
Do you indulge in dreadful, dark feelings to know you are alive? Enjoy drifting and feeling meaningless and meagre? How easy it is to be small and helpless, hopeless, weak and timid and out of control. Reliance, dependence and desperation are delicious to you. It is out of your hands for the most part. If you cover your eyes it will go away and we can stop all this worry and nonsense.
One. Press the button. Two. Press another button. Three. Instructions end here. Stand on the edge and go no further. There is nothing beyond worth seeing.
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Searching for that tactile feeling in a world of distant separated conversation. Can’t find the words, the touch; the vibrations are not how I imagined them.
Lackadaisical, listless, lazy, meandering, less astray and lacking aspiration than to loop.
Ha ha ha. Losing. Life.
Misunderstood and without understanding of the consequences of inaction and inadequacy.
Fragile, frail, fractures are not a fear but an eventual certainty. What can you do about that?
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That Rave feeling
In the dark.
In the cold still of the night:
The endless machinations
with seemingly no end in sight.
In the early morning hours when frost begins to bite...
There is a sound.
An ethereal, ephemeral sound,
Born in moments of pure energy and ecstasy,
Trained In the underground arts
and powered by sheer delight.
It is melodic
It will come within the moment
It will speak as if touching God
and understand your plight...
They call it music
(They call it hard trance)
I call it my love
(and it beckons me to dance)!
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The music
The music is you
The music is me
Don't think, don't predict
just feel.
Let it flow through your veins
In rushes and cascades:
Pure vibrational energy -
A synergy of fury and passion.
Move it
Feel it
Touch it
Catch the beat
The music is who we are
And what we live for
(Hardstyles baby)...
Now drop the beat!
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There is nothing dark out here,
seemingly no place for it to hide
in this cornucopia of rolling hills and sunken valleys.
It was not the actions of a friend,
merely a reaction to this harsh and revealing landscape:
momentary longing for a hiding place -
something less than a total truth,
but more than a shaky lie based on a warped philosophy;
where  were we really going?
What would we find when we got there?
The only certainty was
that all this nothingness gave one too much time to think.
Why not keep going? We'd just end up where we started anyway.
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Time warp
Gaunt amorphous figures. Sway side to side up and down,
Their joints creaking and scraping in eerie unison
Bone against bone as skin stretches tight
beneath a barely extant second skin:
The sounds of the 80s
A rocky horror timewarp without the pleasantries of ghosts or transsexuals.
Asexual, metrosexual, androgynous.
Look the same, want the same, dance the same:
wheres your originality ?
It's time to go underground where the party's at.
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A burning pillar strikes the moon,
the sun rays kill the cold.
The failure seldom leaves the room,
He is not as mature as he is old.
He is a burning pillar of rage;
a useless un-fecund sight.
Wisdom cannot not match his age
nor his failings be seen as slight.
He is the king of a falling world;
apathy his first knight.
For his sins, from Aegaleus, he is hurled
into unforgiving night!
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Lie to you
Failed synchronicity
I am below and she above.
False words are an atrocity
destroying worthless love.
I awake as she sleeps
mind awry with dismay.
He gives and she keeps
and burns our love away.
Veiled secrets thrive;
I sleep in my world of lies,
Truths cannot be alive
In a rage our love will die!
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A lucent flower breaks the day -
wet with morning misery's tears.
All its brilliance on display
as a goddess to be revered.
It basks in the sun's hot fire,
swims in the warm sunshower,
struggles in the oppressive mire,
waiting dolefully for the evening hour.
The same flower slowly folds away
In the unsettled glory of dusk.
It will dress in the winter months
as an arctic seed of decay.
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I cannot wait for it anymore
I must find it.
In the hidden corners
of secret rooms
and the empty streets
of deserted towns.
In the cold sands
of barren deserts
In desolate non-sequential thoughts
In pulsating fragmented images
of contradictory feelings.
In neurons of the brain entangled,
unleashed and unfurled:
in the incessant nonsense of my make believe world.
I see no sense;
Only loneliness.
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Sol II
A dark star swallows...
A moment in time waits.
A heart beats and a mind races.
Warmth escapes into the frigid night.
A universe is born in a moment,
but true love takes much longer to create.
An action stronger than a word spoken
can the heart's true feelings obliterate.
A bright star glows fiercely.
A moment cannot wait.
A heart destroyed and in disgrace.
Cold seeps into the mind in fright.
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To exist is not to be
Hyper-manic hyperbole's
hauntingly harass heavens unharnessed horses:
Chariots to a world of continual lies,
creations, cretins, creations –
dreams of selfish personal,
recklessly imaginative desires,
images, frames and visions of desire!
Frightful, terrifying,
waning flames and ash clouds
of a life that can never be eternal.
Temperatures rise
uncloaking demise.
Dreaming of moments not in existence –
wandering tentacles of an oak tree
oozing into the world and removing her from it.
A being in bad faith…
Existence flashes by in only moments.
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My World
This is my world
The people
The scene
The atmosphere
When the music starts
Our night begins
The sounds of people having the night of their lives
The bodies moving
The feet stomping
This is my world
You can see everybody having fun
Adrenalins pumping
I can hear the melody
I can hear the love
I can hear the DJ creating more than just music
I can see him...creating memories
My hearts racing
My body moving
My face smiling
This is my world
Everything is perfect here
...and the drugs haven't even hit yet
:iconbleu-fx:Bleu-Fx 2 1
Scribble for Me
I could write tonight
in a hundred words
or a thousand tongues
could I write tonight.
I could, romanticise tonight.
The moon,
the whispers,
the stranger conversation,
because there's a kiss of cool breeze against my skin
and I can smell the rain that's setting in.
I miss petty nonsense
the things that weren't tangible;
dreams that crept under covers
and other, old lovers.
Silent agreements
made with the heart
were later shot down, before poetry could start.
Prayers weren't without meaning,
answers rang true
and always, of course
my thoughts were of you.
When today is the dream of tomorrow,
and tomorrow is the fantasy of today.
Living in moments, that are constantly astray.
Beauty in time,
words without beat.
They fall
as slow motion tumbling
to never again stop at your feet.
:iconpetula-faerie:petula-faerie 1 1
Waiting and Confused :iconthe-music-of-hands:The-music-of-hands 3 2 Have you seen the news? :iconmymorbidfairytale:Mymorbidfairytale 4 2
Never Trust a Poet
Never trust a poet
They can twist your emotions
Play with your heart
And leave you feeling that the world is safe
They evoke feelings un-attainable with actions
Most of all I don’t trust me with you
So let the moon kiss your face
The breezes embrace your body
And let the world give you everything that I can’t
Never trust a poet
:iconbleu-fx:Bleu-Fx 1 2
to keep the monsters away
An apple a day
to keep the doctors  away
but what about the monster in the doorway?
I could only wish to be so sick
all the apples I would pick
mouth watering
where will it start?
my flesh, my bones
or to consume my heart?
in every room im in
I feel you crawling beneath my skin
your eyes burning with a love I don't understand
A fever air born yet to land
but within these lips trembling fear
all the lies you told mother dear
I kept toys beneath my bed to keep the monsters away
no place for evil to play
when innocence tends to stray
there is no where else to run away
Mother dear please tell me im sick
and this is all in my head
I thought monsters were supposed to live under your bed
:iconmymorbidfairytale:Mymorbidfairytale 2 4
Tender Trepidation
My dear...
It's only the poetry of your soul
that whispers melodies to mine.
Your beautiful words
are forever tangled around my mind
You taught me how to fly again
and took me soaring through the sky.
Eternal moments
amongst the the clouds
hearing the wind whip and sigh.
But you're neither
here, nor there
and your wayward nature takes you
Bare fingers linger
over quivering skin
and touch awakens frozen glass
buried deep within.
Somethings painted on the face
my hand reaches up to touch.
Does a flicker of reality,
ignored and left forgotten,
tumble quietly past?
Memories peacefully paused in time
flutter before longing eyes
Because you're neither
here, nor there
that wayward nature makes you
So I'm waiting for you
to remind me how to fall
because, I know happiness such as ours
can only last so long...
:iconpetula-faerie:petula-faerie 3 8
Statica :iconmanafoldart:ManafoldArt 6 8 Do What You Dream :iconmanafoldart:ManafoldArt 4 6
Mature content
Just Another Four Letter Word :iconinnereffervescence:InnerEffervescence 1 0
Something New...
Well this is novel.
So very different,
yet the same.

with stings attached.
But, for some reason unknown
it was I who attached them.
Such a tiny word.
Such a loud question.

unintelligent gibberish
It seems that
I no longer think
before I speak
and I'm saying things that
I really don't mean.
Losing sleep
while I mull over questions
I don't understand
I credit other with too much.
I credit myself with too little.
Can't find the right balance
and outside forces keep tipping the scales.
Maybe there are no answers.
:iconpetula-faerie:petula-faerie 1 4
But I Missed You Most of All
I miss the beauty of simplicity
and I miss believing I could find some
I crave the words that have eluded me so long
and the feeling as they rolled off my tounge
there were scores of cryptic messages
that i longed for sense to be found in,
but only because I knew no one could
I miss the beauty found in solitude
and I miss how I used to long for those moments
there are still some days
I wasnt to throw myseld upon the world
to be known and seen and needed
but more often
I'm content to let that world
pass me by
I miss the beauty in a silence
and i miss the people i could share one with
memories from moments on a stage
being who you want
watching all those who watched
seeing them believe
even starting to believe
in this second reality yourself
I miss the beauty of being certain
and I miss how I always used to know I was
there are times I'll claim
I haven't changed at all
evolution missed me
but more frequently
I'll wish I believed it had
here, wondering
what changes are yet to be wrought?
:iconpetula-faerie:petula-faerie 0 10



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